The Taken 3 Cast were down in Atlanta this week, filming action packed scenes at the famous Stone Soup Kitchen downtown. Shooting went off without a hitch, and cast members made the most of the break in the unpredictable weather.

Both Liam Neeson and Forest Whitaker we on set to film their scenes, for what is sure to be an explosive finale to the Taken franchise.

The reletively small filming location played host to over 70 cast members and crew, and like a well oiled machine everything went smoothly and the scenes were captured on schedule. Taken 3 has filmed in several locations over the past few weeks, including some scenes close by in midtown, and heads off to Buckhead next.

The kitchen is now open for business once again and is preparing for the influx of fan visitors who’ll likely descend on it following the release of Taken 3 this year.